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April 2021

RK3 YouTube Channel Tips

3 Tips For Great Online Presentations | Tech Tools & Ideas for Public Speaking & Presenting Online

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Become an amazing, confident online presenter with these three tech tips and tools. Having astounding content is very important. It has to be very very good. Not good, it has to be Excellent. 

Let’s discuss three tools and technologies that can really help in getting your online presentations to that next level.

1: Polls

If you’ve used Zoom or any other similar tools, polls are something that are included inside of say Zoom, but maybe you’re not using Zoom. There’s some other polling tools which you can use such as poll everywhere, which is one of my favorites but you also have Kahoot or mentee meter. Now you can do a lot of things like ask multiple choice questions or multiple response questions or questions which involve choosing from a picture or two. There are a lot of different things you can do, including word clouds and other different question types or poll types to really increase the level of engagement in your presentations.

2: Teleprompter

When we think about teleprompters, a lot of people think about those clear plexiglass devices  that presidents and other politicians use to go through their speeches. But there are a lot of different teleprompters you can use. I use some all the time, especially when I’m making videos or doing online presentations to keep me on track. I can see the text right in front of me, but I can also look directly at the camera in order to look like I’m engaging with my audience. You can use teleprompters on your smartphones, your tablets, your iPads, or your I-phones, or an Android. One of my favorite teleprompter apps is teleprompter premium or teleprompter plus by Joe Allen. You can check that out!

3: Slides 

 If you happen to be using slides, a lot of times you share slides and you put these slides on the screen and they take up a lot of the space. Persons don’t get to  see you, or they see you in a little box in the corner, or maybe you’re not there at all. I like to be able to jump back and forth between my slides without a lot of effort so that the audience can connect with me and they can really see how I interact or feel about the content. One of my favorite tools for this is Prezi video. Tools like Prezi video allow me to go back and forth between the slides, the text, the content on the screen and me. It helps with the purpose of looking the audience in the eye and physically engaging with them. 

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