Captivate Your Clients: Running Seminars With Confidence

For: Agents, Brokers, Trainers, anyone who runs seminars like 1st Home Buyer Seminars, Listing Presentations, Vendor Presentations and more…

 Learning Outcomes/Takeaways

  • how to connect with you audience every time…
  • how to maximize body-language and non-verbals for greater impact
  • how to unleash your OWN presentation super-power
  • how to nuke the nerves and prepare for your presentation with maximum effectiveness


As a real estate agent, delivering seminars is a part of the landscape. Some agents like it and some agents give it a thumbs down because it makes them nervous…out of their element.

This workshop explores how you can deliver presentation content to your prospects, customers and clients with confidence. You want to be credible and you want to be clear. And, you also want your customers to be informed enough to move to action WITH YOU!



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