Your Communication Needs An Oil Change

It’s time for an oil change! The best way to make sales in your business is to talk about it. The proven way to get a promotion in your job is to work hard but also talk about your plans, what you envision and what you do. If you want […]

How To Get Your Virtual Audience To Respond

Zoom meetings, Webex session, and Go-To-Meeting meetups have been here for a long time. But recently, they’ve become much more of a necessity. And because of this, we’ve had soooooo many more meetings. So, on the one hand… “yay, we don’t have to drive to attend all these meetings.” And […]

How To Set Up Your Space For Virtual Presentations

We’ve gone virtual! Do you remember the days when ‘virtual’ meant everyone needed to hop on a telephone conference call? You passed the number around, logged in, and waited. Then the email came…you know the one. “Hey Jim, I’m trying to get into the meeting. What’s the right meeting ID? […]

2 Phrases That Eliminate Authority & Influence

Your words are powerful. They mean what they mean but they also mean what you may not think. OK. That was a little confusing. Do you see what I mean? Have you ever had a conversation where you thought you said something and the listener received it very differently than […]

5 Reasons Organizations Must Get Presentation Training

It was an important roll-out.  The team had spent weeks putting together the timelines, the assets, and answering all the questions they could think of.  Now, the only thing left was presenting it to senior management.  The team chose Sarah, the person who knew the most about the proposed system, […]