Miscommunication is the cause of major breakdowns and challenges in many organizations. This trickles down to the experiences customers have with your organization. It’s challenging enough to do your job from day to day. What happens when emotions and atmosphere become muddy because of miscommunication? What happens when your customers are left expecting one thing and your company delivers something very different? Mistrust, inefficiency, wasted time and money are just a few of the results.

The NICCE (pronounced ‘nice’) Workshop is geared towards helping each participant explore powerful methods of communicating with colleagues and connecting with customers. Every person brings a unique perspective and experience to every interaction. So, the goal of the workshop is to help each participant recognize and leverage their communication strengths while learning how to navigate the expectations of others in communication.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn:

  • the dynamics of personal communication vs workplace communication
  • simple techniques for clear communication, understanding and agreement between peers
  • the importance of recognizing cultural difference in communication
  • techniques for active listening

In addition to internal communication needs, dealing with customers via email, over the phone and in person all bring various challenges. This workshop will help participants to:

  • recognize what is behind the words of customers
  • listen with empathy
  • learn effective responses for dealing with challenging customers
  • know what to do when you miss the mark and a customer miscommunication happens

Workshop start times may be customized to fit organization workday schedules.

Each workshop is interactive and includes multiple opportunities for participants to practice the concepts they have learned with feedback.

Participants will receive a workbook to track their learning and also extend their learning with additional resources.


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