Confident communication is your #1 real estate tool


Your words deserve to be heard!

Communication is the lifeblood of any business and any relationship


Confident Communication is your KEY to sales success!!

Learn how to craft messages that move people to action


Kennetik Kommunications is a communication training firm focused on the real estate industry.

Learn how to craft messages that move people to action

Create a video experience that connects

Lead WOW virtual experiences

Establish expertise with prospects using video

We believe everyone's words deserve to be heard.

“At Kennetik Kommunications we’ll help you communicate in a way that brings visibility to your voice and moves people to ACTION!”

Robert Kennedy III  
President, Kennetik Kommunications

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Robert Kennedy III - Kennetik Kommunications Founder

We’re here to guide you with expert training

In-Person & Virtual Keynote Speaking - Kennetik Kommunications

In-Person &Virtual Keynote Speaking

Perfect for audiences needing a recharge, a fresh perspective and a challenge! Oh, and we like to laugh. If we can’t laugh, we’re not coming 😉
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Public speaking workshops - corporate communication training, Kennetik Kommunications

Workshops & Training Experiences

Customized experiences varying from two hours to a full day of value, built just for you! See our programs area for specifics and topics!
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Presentation and video coaching - Kennetic Kommunications

Presentation & Video Coaching/Consulting

Need help showing up confidently & credibly on video? Need help creating a message that moves people to action? Let’s talk!
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Podcasts and e learning - corporate communication training

Podcasts & Learning Livestreams

We share information all the time and we can create custom content for your organization to give value even when we are not there!
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Communication is your number one real estate sales too - real estate communication training

The #1 Firm for Real Estate Communication & Presentation Training

As real estate agents and brokers, you aren’t just conducting transactions!

You are initiating relationships with people making some of the greatest decisions of their lives. So, just as we take care with the numbers in a transaction, we take care with the words in the relationship. We show you how you can show up at your best in a way that connects with your audience and customer every time

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What people are saying about Kennetik Kommunications

“Fantastic workshop! Valuable, practical and highly interactive for our team! I highly recommend them!”
“We needed this! We got to blow off some steam while learning how to communicate effectively and organize ourselves! I highly recommend this training company.”
“GAMECHANGER! I’ve been presenting for years and there are some little things I learned today that have taken me to a new level of confidence! Where have you all been?”

Find the right program for you or your team

Public Speaking & Presentations

Presenting with Confidence, Clarity, Credibility (3C)
Captivate Your Clients: Running Seminars with Confidence

Virtual Meetings & Experiences

Delivering Impactful Virtual Experiences (DIVE)
Facilitating Effective & Engaging Online Meetings

Video Storytelling & Selling

Show Up On Video Like A Storytelling Pro
Video Storytelling Formula: Sell More By Establishing Expertise

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